Apartment 2 – Sea Foam

In the sea foam your tracks I found,
I touched them lovingly and with my lips I drank
The silence out of them. In your eyes I sank,
Reflected in the sea. And you I found.

In the sea foam your tracks I found,
In the sea expanse lovingly I melt away
Every cell of mine. In your eyes I sank –
Harbouring my heart. And in you I hid.

Pepa Nikolova

With Pepa Nikolova’s verses about sea foam, we bid you “Welcome” at the superior Sea Foam Suite.

The superior Sea Foam Suite has got a view over the sea and the beach. It includes two spacious rooms – a bathroom and a sitting room, a kitchenette and a bathroom with a fitted bathtub. The bedroom has got a double bed, two bedside cabinets, and a large three-section wardrobe. In the sitting room there are a sofa bed, a coffee table, an armchair, a chest, a TV set with cable TV, an air-conditioner and a mini-fridge.

The superior Sea Foam Suite can accommodate two adults and two children, or four adults. An extra bed or a cot bed can fit in as well.

If you wish to stay with us at Villa White Dove and the superior Sea Foam Suite, please call us to make a booking.